RA/IM technical lecture titled “Beyond Visual Line of Sight Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations: University, Industry and Government” with Dr. Siu O’Young on February 10, 2020.

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Robotics & Automation / Instrumentation & Measurement Society

CH07155 (Canadian Atlantic Section Jt. Chapter, RA24/IM09)Type: Joint Chapter

Description of the IEEE Parent Society

The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society https://www.ieee-ras.org/

The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society’s objectives are scientific, literary and educational in character. The Society strives for the advancement of the theory and practice of robotics and automation engineering and science and of the allied arts and sciences, and for the maintenance of high professional standards among its members, all in consonance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the IEEE and with special attention to such aims within the Field of Interest of the Society.

Vision Statement: To be the most recognized and respected global organization in Robotics and Automation.

Mission Statement: To foster the development and facilitate the exchange of scientific and technological knowledge in Robotics and Automation that benefits members, the profession and humanity.

The IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society http://ieee-ims.org/

Vision Statement: Be the premier international professional Society in the Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M) fields.

Mission Statements: Provide the most comprehensive and high-quality services to our members and related professionals. Serve as the professional incubator for the growth of all (particularly younger) members. Be in the forefront of future I&M fundamental, technological, and application advances. Provide education in the field of instrumentation and measurement.

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RAS Chapter Resources: https://www.ieee-ras.org/about-ras/volunteer-resources
IMS Chapter Resources: http://ieee-ims.org/membership/chapter-activities


RAS Awards: https://www.ieee-ras.org/awards-recognition/society-awards
IMS Awards: http://ieee-ims.org/awards


IMS Governing Documents: http://ieee-ims.org/content/governing-documentshandbooks
IMS Distinguished Lecturer Program: http://ieee-ims.org/membership/information-request-distinguished-lecturer http://ieee-ims.org/education/distinguished-lecturers-program

Recent Events

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