C&S / SSC Distinguished Lecture titled “Optical Coherence Tomography of the Middle Ear: From Concept to Product” with Dr. Rob Adamson

Chapter Executive

Circuits & Systems / Solid-State Circuits Society

CH07112 (Canadian Atlantic Section Chap,Jt CAS04/SSC37)Type: Joint ChapterURL: http://cas.ieee.ca/?page_id=72Officers:Adel MerabetPosition: Chapter Chair
Muhammad AsadPosition: Chapter Vice Chair

Description of the IEEE Parent Societys

IEEE Circuits and Systems Society and IEEE Solid State Circuits Society. Please visit www.ieee-cas.org or www.sscs.org or for more information about the societies.

Mission Statements:

The purposes of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society are scientific, literary and educational in character, directed toward the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical, electronics, and allied branches of engineering or the related arts and science.

The Solid-State Circuits Society is interested in all aspects of solid-state circuits: the design, testing and application of circuits and subsystems, as well as closely related topics in device technology and circuit theory. This Society also focuses on scientific, technical and industrial applications, in addition to other activities that contribute to the field, or utilize the techniques or products of the field, as the art develops

Goals / Focus of the Local Chapter

The mission of the IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section Circuits and Systems and Solid state Circuits Joint chapter is to support the mission of the CAS and SSC Societies through inviting distinguished lecturers and sponsoring and organizing local technical meetings, seminars, workshops, and conferences. Inviting distinguished lecturer from these societies provides our CAS and SSC societies’ members with cutting-end technical and educational information related to these societies. Also we invite lecturers from different local companies in order to engage our newly graduate students with IEEE societies and to help them to understand more the market requirements and to let them learn about the relevance of circuits and systems and solid state circuits in designing practical products.

History of the Local Chapter

The local chapter was founded in 2004.

Support Materials

Funding sources:

IEEE Chapter Funding Program: http://www.ieee.org/about/volunteers/tab/society_and_council_chapters.html 
SSCS Subside Program: http://sscs.ieee.org/subsidies.html
CAS Distinguished Lecture Program: http://ieee-cas.org/education/inviting-a-speaker
SSCS Distinguished Lecture Program:http://sscs.ieee.org/dl-program.html


CAS Awards: http://ieee-cas.org/about/awards
CAS Chapter Awards: http://ieee-cas.org/community/chapters/chapter-awards
SSCS Awards: http://sscs.ieee.org/awards.html
SSCS Chapter Awards: http://sscs.ieee.org/sscs-outstanding-chapter-award.html


Chapter Chair Reference Guide: http://www.ieee.org/societies_communities/geo_activities/chapters/index.html

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