Power & Energy Society / Industry Applications Society Joint Chapter

Chapter Executive

Chair: Aminul Islam
Vice-Chair: Ziyi Zhao
Secretary: Labib
Treasurer: Ankit Patel


Power and Energy Society

The Power & Energy Society (PES) provides the world’s largest forum for sharing the latest in technological developments in the electric power industry, for developing standards that guide the development and construction of equipment and systems, and for educating members of the industry and the general public. Members of the Power & Energy Society are leaders in this field, and they — and their employers — derive substantial benefits from involvement with this unique and outstanding association.

Industrial Applications Society

The Industrial Applications Society (IAS) is a source of professional power to its nearly 10,000 worldwide members.  Through a network of over 100 chapters globally, regional events and national and international  conferences, the society keeps members abreast of current developments in the area of technology in electricity and electronics.  IAS  enriches  both  its  individual  members  and  the  industry as a whole through the sharing of specific industry-related solutions.

Goals / Focus of the Local Chapter


History of the Local Chapter


Traditional Events / Schedules / Formats

Events have traditionally been in the form of lecture style presentation or a tour of a company or facility. Speakers have been drawn primarily from Distinguished Lecturer organised through the Eastern Area or a visiting professor and also from local companies and organizations. Events usually begin at 5:30pm so as to not overlap with classes running at the local universities and to catch most industry members immediately following working hours.

Historical Leanings / What Works Well

PES and IAS societies provide lists of distinguished lecturers in different areas relevant to the chapters. Usually we can invite from these lists worldwide renowned professors and chief scientist in leading companies that are specialized in topics relevant to our members.

After the DL expresses his interest to visit our chapter for lecture, we send the lecture proposal to the DL program general Chair for approval. After receiving the approval we publicize this lecture in Atlantic Canada website. Also to get more engagement from our IEEE students’ members we publicize this lecture internally in universities.

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