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Call for Nominations for Section Executive

Nominations for the positions of Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, to be elected at the AGM in November [date and time coming soon], are now open. Nominations, including self-nominations, for the positions are to be forwarded to the Chair of the Nominations committee, Michael Lamoureux [m <dot> lamoureux <at> computer <dot> org], and cc’d to the current Chair, Jason Gu [jgu <at> dal <dot> ca] by October 30, 2011.

Before nominating yourself, or someone else, we would ask that you familiarize yourself with the roles and responsibilities, which are outlined in the new officer training section of the IEEE website and in the Canadian Atlantic Section operations manual. While the positions are not very demanding, they do require a regular commitment and a basic knowledge of IEEE and section operations. Plus, as per our current By-Laws, the Vice Chair commits to a 3-year term as she becomes Chair in the following year and Past Chair in the year after that.

In addition, we are also seeking nominations for the Committee Chair positions. The Canadian Atlantic Section currently has seven standing committees whose Chairs are appointed on an annual basis:

  • Technical Activities
  • Membership Development
  • Publicity
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Teachers In Service Program (TISP)
  • Humanitarian Initiatives Committee (HIC)
  • Student Activities / Student Branch Counsellor

    [must be a Instructor/Lecturer/(Assistant/Associate)Professor of Engineering at Dalhousie]

Finally, each of our eight chapters and three affinity groups also require Chairs and Vice Chairs. Each chapter and affinity group holds elections before the first event of the operating year if there is more than one member interested in any of the executive positions. Furthermore, the Oceanic Engineering Society, Power Engineering & Industrial Applications Society, the Signal Processing & Microwave Theory and Techniques Society, and the Robotics and Automation & Instrumentation and Measurement Society are looking for Vice Chairs and the Life Members Affinity group is seeking nominations for a new Chair and Vice Chair. These positions are a great way to become familiar with the local IEEE section as a chapter is only required to hold two events (which can be joint with another chapter) and one business meeting (before one of the events, if necessary) a year. If you are a member of one, or more, of these societies or affinity groups and are interested, please contact your Chapter Chair today! They will be thrilled to hear from you!


Circuits & Systems / Solid State Circuits Society

– Chair: Kamal El-Sankary

– Vice Chair: Haoran Yu

Communications Society

– Chair: Jacek Ilow

– Vice Chair: Scott Melvin

Computational Intelligence Society

– Chair: Man Lin

– Vice Chair: Pan Yongwen

Computer Society

– Chair: Simon DeWolf

– Vice Chair: Mithun

Oceanic Engineering Society

– Chair: Ferial El-Hawary

– Vice Chair: Could Be You!

Power Engineering / Industrial Applications Society

– Chair: Phil Zinck

– Vice Chair: Could Be You!

Robotics and Automation / Instrumentation and Measurement Society

– Chair: Mae Seto

– Vice Chair: Could Be You!

Signal Processing / Microwave Theory & Techniques Society

– Chair: Brian Maranda

– Vice Chair: Could Be You!

Affinity Groups

GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) Affinity Group

– Chair: Peter Pearl

– Vice Chair: Kevin Zhou

Life Members Affinity Group

– Acting Chair: Mo El-Hawary

– Vice Chair: Could Be You!

WIE (Women in Engineering) Affinity Group

– Chair: Amita Sirohi

– Vice Chair: Zichen “Vincent” Zhang

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