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Call for Nominations for Secretary

The IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section needs a secretary. If you are interested in serving on the executive, or know someone who would be a great candidate, please forward your name or their name to the Chair of our Nominations Committee, Scott Melvin, as soon as possible. The executive would like to elect the candidate at the next executive meeting on February 16, 2010.

The primary duties of the secretary are to:

  • Attend Section Executive Committee Meetings, File the L-31s for the Section Meetings, and Maintain Records of the Section Meetings
  • Insure draft minutes from the previous executive meeting are made available to the executive committee for review at least one week before the next regular executive meeting
  • Communicate the Action Items that resulted from an Executive or Section meeting to the affected members within one week of the meeting and insure that incomplete action items are carried forward in the minutes
  • Insure (approved) minutes are appropriately archived on the website
  • Report any Changes of Officers to the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities
  • Prepare the Meeting Activity Report (L-31)
  • Keep the Section Operations Manual up-to-date
  • Transfer records to the incoming secretary
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