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IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section 2013 Annual General Meeting

November 9, 2013
November 15, 2013
5:00 pmto10:00 pm

The IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section wishes to invite you to attend their 2013 Annual General Meeting taking place on Friday November 15, 2013 @ 5:00 pm in the private function room of the Panda Buffet restaurant in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Details of the event and of the guest speaker can be found below. We expect one or more representatives from the Region 7 Executive to be in attendance, so this AGM will also provide you with a great chance to meet IEEE Canada / Region 7 leadership in person!

Title of Talk: Maritime Domain Awareness
Speaker: Dr. Tony Ponsford
Engineering Fellow, Raytheon Canada Limited
Time: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm, Friday, November 15, 2013
Place: Panda Buffet
100 Main Street, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Refreshments: A Buffet-Style meal will be provided to all attendees.
Registration is required!
Deadline is November 9th, but space is limited so register early!
Local Contact: Mae Seto at mae <dot> seto <at> ieee <dot> org
Scott Melvin at scott <dot> melvin <at> ieee <dot> org
RSVP to: Christopher Whitt at christopher <at> whitt <dot> ca
Schedule: 5:00 Networking / Drinks
5:30 AGM (Business Meeting) for IEEE Members
Networking for guests
7:15 Dinner
7:30 Welcome & A few words from:
CAS President Mae Seto
Region 7 Representative(s)
7:50 Invited Speaker Introduction
8:00 Invited Speaker Presentation
9:00 Awards
9:25 Final Announcements / Incoming Chair’s Message
9:39 Networking
9:59 Done!
Cost: $35 for IEEE members
$25 for IEEE Life members
$40 for APENS members
$45 for guests
$20 for IEEE student members
Payment: Cheque or Cash at the door.
(Receipts will be provided.)


This lecturer presents a personnel view of the complex issue of providing effective Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) of a country’s Exclusive Economic Zone to meet the needs of both Maritime Security and Maritime Safety.

Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) is about generating actionable information for confidence-based decision support. This requires collecting information pertaining to the whereabouts of all maritime targets in the surveillance area, including classification of vessel type and activity, positive identification, and threat assessment. No single sensor can achieve this and effective MDA requires a combination of passive and active surveillance and reconnaissance systems.

Assembling this picture, however, is only part of the solution. The key to effective MDA is the use of decision support tools that analyze vessel track information and identify anomalous vessel behavior.

The talk addresses 8 specific areas of Maritime Domain Awareness

  1. Requirement for Maritime Domain Awareness
  2. Maritime Regions and the Legal Framework
  3. Layers of Maritime Domain Awareness
  4. Comparison of Surveillance/Reconnaissance Options — Passive and Active
  5. Requirement For Persistent Surveillance
  6. Data Association, Fusion and Data Mining
  7. Finding “the needle in the haystack” – identifying anomalistic behavior
  8. Architectures for Maritime Domain Operations Centers

About the Speaker:

Dr. Ponsford graduated with distinction from Plymouth Navy College (UK) in 1977. In 1982 he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Maritime Technology, graduating with first class honours, from the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology. Whilst working at the University of Birmingham (UK) as a research associate Tony was awarded a Doctorate in Philosophy in recognition of his pioneering work in High Frequency Surface wave Radar and persistent surveillance of a nation’s 200 nautical mile (nm) Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

Dr. Ponsford joined NORDCO Limited in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, as the Senior Scientist and Technical Director of the newly formed Integrated Maritime Surveillance business unit in 1987. In this capacity he established Canada’s first HFSWR test bed facility at Cape Bonavista. This development progressed into the world’s first shore-based, real-time, EEZ surveillance sensor that provided persistent, all-weather, tracking of ships, icebergs and aircraft throughout the EEZ.

Dr. Ponsford joined Raytheon Canada Limited in 1991 where he is currently an Engineering Fellow and Technical Director, Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA). His TracShare system for exchanging navigation radar track data was the overall winner of Raytheon’s Network Centric System Innovation Challenge Competition in 2011.

Dr. Ponsford is a regular participant in national and international forums on Maritime Surveillance and has established several collaborative research programs between Raytheon Canada, the government and universities including a multi-year program that developed a ‘Canadian Centre of Excellence’ in Tracking and Fusion to meet present and future surveillance requirements. Tony is also one of the founding members of the Canadian Tracking and Fusion Group and has over 50 publications related to Maritime Domains Awareness, 5 patents, and 6 patents pending.

Dr. Ponsford is Co-Chair of the IEEE AESS Ottawa Chapter and was Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee for IEEE Radar Conference 2013 that place in Ottawa from the 29th of April to the 3rd of May. He also received the IEEE Ottawa Section “Outstanding Engineer Award” for his scientific contributions in the development and advancement of High Frequency Surface Wave Radar and Maritime Domain Awareness in 2011.

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